Christmas Favorite- Muppets Christmas Carol

Adapted from the legendary Dickens novella, The Muppet Christmas Carol stands proud as my favourite Christmas film. I truly believe that this musical bonanza is the definitive Christmas film and the best retelling of the Christmas Carol story to date. With the familiar faces of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and Rizzo leading the Muppet cast, Michael Caine provides a refreshing take of Scrooge. I’ve always thought of this incarnation of Scrooge as the parent viewer, who has maybe lost touch of the meaning of Christmas or who simply hates the Muppets as a lot of people seem to! However, I can guarantee that this film is the one Muppet tale that is worthy of a re-watch every year and this comes from a boy who has parents with a strong dislike toward the puppet crew! 

The film is very much a musical, with a blend of human actors and Muppets singing and dancing along the streets of a nostalgic London. The Muppet cast is headed by Gonzo and Rizzo as personifications of Charles Dickens, quoting and sometimes misquoting from the original novella, and they are joined by Kermit, who provides warmth and heart as Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy who is just as comedic and loveable as always, and Robin the Frog playing possibly the least annoying Tiny Tim ever. If you are watching another version of A Christmas Carol as a tradition each year, be prepared to swap for this retelling; you will not be disappointed. 


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August 2022
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