Christmas Favourite: Nativity

Every year, on the 1st December, one film graces my screen and has done for the past 10 years. Nativity, for me, encapsulates everything I love about Christmas. Funny, charming and silly, the film champions normality by specifically casting normal children with no previous experience to play the lead roles. This adds a wonderful charm to the film, as you feel an equal amount of warmth to the truly natural children on screen as you do cringe at some of the dialogue and their “performances”. The film is also wonderfully low budget and relishes in that fact. It doesn’t hide and attempt to be anything else but a silly, little christmas film with great heart. The film was even edited in director Debit Isitt’s spare bedroom. 

What makes the film stand out however, is its fabulous music. The titualar nativity in the film has arguably some of the best christmas music out there. Nazareth, Sparkle and Shine, Good News and Brightest Star are all bangers I find myself drawn to all year round. 

Nativity is a film that proves to all of us that big Hollywood budgets and elaborate narratives aren’t always necessary. Sometimes all you need for a true Christmas classic is good heart, great music and a passion for what you make. Nativity isn’t a film that will win countless awards but much like a nativity play, as you watch you feel an immense sense of pride and enjoyment even if it is a little rubbish. 


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May 2022
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