Christmas Gift Guide – Gaming Edition

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not really ‘in the know’ about most games. I think the last time I played a computer game was in my childhood Friv days, and I’m pretty limited in terms of console games to Buzz! although I used to love trying my hand at Call of Duty and GTA. I have, however, started to really enjoy board games, and I love the idea of playing board games or trivia games during Christmas. So, I thought I’d bring together the minds of the gamers in my life, and myself, to create a games gift guide. Whether you’re after gaming equipment, video games, or board games you can play as a family at Christmas, I might be able to help you out. 

Video Games:

If the person you’re buying for is a big video game player, then good news, because new video games are being released all the time. The last three months of the year will undoubtedly see the release of many, but here are a few to consider:

–       FIFA 22, released 1st October

–       Guardians of the Galaxy, released 26th October

–       Call of Duty: Vanguard, released 5th November 

–       Halo Infinite, released 8th December

Gaming Equipment:

The gamer in your mind may have every game under the sun, or you might not know which games they’re into. It’s okay. Here’s some equipment that can be useful, and fun, for every gamer.

–       Nintendo Switch OLED, released October 8th. With a larger screen and enhanced speakers, the new Switch sounds great.

–       LED light strip – LED lights might be the perfect thing to enhance someone’s gaming experience. They can be placed behind the computer/console, or around the room for general ambience. 

–       Headset/controller stand – You can help declutter their space by giving them somewhere to put their equipment, and these stands come in all styles, from classic, solid colours to beloved characters such as Deadpool or Baby Yoda.

–       Blue light glasses – If the gamer in your life spends hours in front of a screen, these glasses can help prevent headaches and fatigue, so the thing they love doesn’t cause them pain.

–       VR Headset/Upgraded Headset – Headsets can be vital to gamers who talk to other gamers online, or just want the full gaming experience without disturbing the household. A good headset can never go wrong, especially if it’s VR, allowing them to delve deeper into the game. 

–       Video games bucket list – a fun way for your gamer to track the games they’ve played by scratching them off as they go.

Board Games:

Games don’t have to be played alone, and sometimes, cracking open a board game can be so entertaining on Christmas, especially when everyone’s had their fair share of Christmas dinner and a Christmas tipple. Here’re some stocking fillers, or some goodies to have waiting on the side.

–       Monopoly – you can buy and play the classic version, or cater to their tastes with a whole variety, ranging from Disney to Game of Thrones.

–       Funkoverse Strategy Game – this board game has expansion packs of everyone’s favourite interests, from DC to Golden Girls.

–       Cluedo – this classic murder mystery is the perfect game to get your deduction skills out.

–       Twist and Sprout – this card game is a cross between charades & general trivia, and it’s a hilarious one to play with your family.

–       Family Fortunes – if you have a competitive family like mine, this game will fully dissolve into chaos. 

–       Mr & Mrs – if you’re the host, then you’re safe, but you’d best hope the pairs know each other well, or this game will cause hilarious mayhem.


Gamer gifts don’t have to be limited to actual games, or gaming equipment. They can be accessories, or decoration. So, if you know which games they like, why not treat them to a little something they can show off?

–       T-shirts

–       Posters

–       Gamer socks

–       Funko Pop Vinyls

–       Personalised storage box

–       Car ornament

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