Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of impending Christmas shopping, or just looking for some gift inspiration? Look no further, high end, low end, for your sister, mother or friend, we’ve got you covered.


Why not go simple but effective with a pair of socks, after all who wouldn’t love a pair of warm, fluffy socks to walk around the house in on Christmas morning, or for those cold winter days.

A Fashionable Handbag

If you are getting a gift for a party girl, why not get some night out essentials. One idea could be to buy a cool handbag and fill it with some cash, a few sticks of gum, scented hand sanitiser and a list of helpful numbers should they need an emergency contact. Stylish and practical!

Handmade soap or other handmade crafts

Feeling creative? Why not dabble your hand at some homemade gifts! Use whatever crafty skills you have; the options are endless! Perhaps a bar of gorgeous lavender soap or a custom-made candle? If you don’t already have any experience, this is a perfect way to learn a new skill whilst delivering a heartfelt Christmas gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

Christmas snack hamper

If worst comes to the worst, you absolutely can’t go wrong with some snacks. What about a personalised Christmas sweet/snack hamper? A chocolate orange, some shortbread biscuits, a selection of flavoured teas; this is an idea that can be personalised for the recipient, so you can accommodate to any dietary requirements.


If they are a bookworm or simply looking to expand their literary horizons, why not get them a copy of your favourite book? If not, maybe the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for an interesting read.

Card games

Funny card games such as Cards Against Humanity or The Voting Game will provide them with endless laughs; they can play with you or their friends and it is a sure way to guarantee they’ll get the most of out of your gift.

Bath bombs

If you fancy giving them some luxury and indulgence, why not go for some bath bombs to warm up their winter. Not buying for a girly girl? Luckily, there’s so many different types of bath bombs on the market, from Harry Potter house sorting glitter bombs, to those which turn bath water completely black!

Experience voucher

How about an experience voucher; the options are endless and will cater to whoever you buy for. If you want to add a bit of thrill and excitement into their life, why not buy them a driving experience, flying lessons, or gravity rush voucher? Perhaps you could infuse some relaxation into the Christmas period with a spa session or an afternoon tea for two. Experience vouchers are they perfect way to ensure they’ll make memories and make the most out of your present.

Finally, make sure you buy some decent wrapping paper. Or if you can’t quite stretch the budget, make your own! Try sprucing it up with some bows or gift tags to go the extra mile and deliver the perfect gift!

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