Christmas Jumper Chaos

One week into December and, with less than a week of term to go, we are well and truly in the festive season. Tinsel, fairy lights and mince pies are all well and good, but what is more festive than the good old fashioned Christmas jumper? Whether you are a fan of the-tackier-the-better or prefer a more conservative nod towards the season of good will, there is a Christmas jumper out there for you.

The ‘So-Tacky-Its-Trendy’

For confident Christmas enthusiasts this is a winter must have. Anything that plays a song or lights up when you press a button falls under this category, and should be worn with care. Finish your look with classic pair of black or navy jeans, ankle boots and a wool coat in a deep grey. With a jumper this loud, you can let it do all the talking, and matching it with darker items will really make the colours pop. Primark have a huge range of these jumpers in at the moment so you can get into the Christmas spirit without breaking the bank.
The Santa

For people who like to show a bit of Christmas love, this is the perfect jumper. Whether it’s emblazoned with Old Saint Nick’s rosy cheeks, Rudolph’s shining nose or a snowman in his scarf, you can guarantee this will be sequinned, glittered and pom-pom-ed to the max. This is another jumper that speaks for itself, so wear with neutral toned jeans, boots and coat. Showing a hint of a crisp white collar is a great way to smarten up this look.

The Slogan

Slightly subtler than ‘The Santa’, you need to read this jumper to see its full Christmas potential. Lyrics to classic Christmas songs, hilarious elf-based puns (who’s taking an #elfie this Christmas?) and everything in between can be found written across these jumpers. Pair this with ripped jeans, biker boots and bobble hat.

The Winter Animal

Over Christmas, robins, polar bears and penguins tend to find their way onto our jumpers. Whilst not strictly Christmas-related, these jumpers give a cheeky wink towards the holiday season. These types of jumper tend to come on a sweater fabric rather than a wool, so you can cover yourself with knitted accessories without looking like a giant ball of wool! A mid-length black skirt and a faux fur headband would look great with this. If you’re a little more on the daring side, pleather trousers or skirts would contrast well with the cuteness and fluff of the jumper.

The Fairisle

A Christmas classic, this is one of our most conservative looks for the holiday season. Reindeers and snowflakes can be smuggled onto this jumper, and with its nod towards our Scandinavian friends this jumper can be worn all through the winter months. You can wear this with a skort and woollen tights (or corduroy trousers for that stylish Geography teacher look). Christmas knitwear doesn’t only come in jumper form; this print can be found on leggings and skirts – although we wouldn’t recommend wearing them all at once!


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