On 29 May, I achieved second place in the BUCS road and circuit races – a triumph made even sweeter as this was the last time I would be representing UEA.

I got into cycling after joining the triathlon club in my first year having never ridden a road bike.

It was a life-changing decision for me. The club were friendly and encouraging and I took part in my first triathlon with the club at the BUCS Sprint triathlon.

To help improve my cycling, I joined the cycling club in my second year.

It took me a while to have the confidence to go on club rides because there were no other girls and I was scared of being too slow. However this didn’t matter as the club caters for all abilities, and I found myself quickly improving with everyone’s encouragement and my results in triathlon were improving.

During my Masters, I decided to do cycling racing instead of triathlon and was offered a place on a women’s development race team. I did not have quite as much time to be as involved with both clubs, putting me slightly on the back foot, but despite this they have still supported me.

The race was held by the University of Yorkshire Cycling Club (UYCC) and I knew I would not do as well in the BUCS road race, as the climbs are completely different than the flat land in Norwich. Despite my chain falling off, I persevered and finished the race.

A total of eleven members of the UEA cycling club were entered in the race – the biggest team UEA had submitted yet, and this time the Girlís entered. The new president of the club, Josh Andrews, earned a great 10th place in the Men’s race.

He had hoped for a better result, but despite this, he ensured I was ready and prepared for my race, and supported and encouraged the rest of his team. My plan for the race went perfectly, riding away with Tamara from Oxford until I had five laps to go where I could no longer follow her attack.

I continued to push on and nearly lapped the rest of the group before finishing second.

I’m over the moon with the result along with my two top 10s at the BUCS time trials earlier this year. Both the triathlon and cycling club have grown and developed since I first joined and the number of girls taking part in both sports is increasing with each year. I couldn’t recommend them enough.