Cinema v home streaming

It’s lockdown three and cinemas are starved of customers, but does streaming deserve to survive as our main method of movie consumption? Is cinema or home streaming superior?

For me, the lack of buffering is a colossal advantage of the cinema; who wants to have their film interrupted? But should that mean that cinema’s best? I think not. Most devices have enough storage for one to download films, so as not to rely on internet connection. This also means you can take films anywhere, another good thing.

I also think the range of films on home streaming services is far better than the selection of movies one can watch at the cinema. This’s another advantage.

However, with all the films able to be consumed by streaming, comes the problem of becoming addicted.

Does a bigger screen at the cinema make up for the significant downsides of home streaming? I’d argue that a large screen is just a bonus.

In defence of the cinema, one of the disadvantages of home streaming is that Netflix does not offer 3D films. Cinema still does.

Another advantage of streaming is the expense of seeing a single film at the cinema is as expensive as a month’s subscription to a streaming service!

Overall, downloading from streaming services wins this battle, I think! The addictiveness of Netflix etc. is a valid argument against it, but I trust people to use their judgement. But for how long will low subscription fees continue as more content gets added to these sites and apps?

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