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Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on Earth! Cirque Berserk has hit Norwich! Prepare for a night of wonders and exhilarating stunts as Cirque Berserk catapults you into a weirdly wonderful dream world with a kick. Everything you can think of (aside from lion taming!) is stuffed on stage so you almost forget you’re in a theatre. What’s even weirder is the feeling of sitting there with your iPhone and being able to snap the Spartan Catapult act flying through the air or the strong man bracing a log with girls swinging on either end. It is a show that prides itself on being an interactive experience, meaning the audience can take pictures, videos and cheer at the end of each skit.


Photo: Theatre Royal

Director Julius Green has conjured up the perfect journey into this world that mixes the classic carnival style circus with contemporary adrenaline pumping stunts. There is the award winning clown Tweedy who re-appears on stage for slapstick and mostly mimed humour.

Tweedy gives a giggle worthy performance that puts all the clowns of my childhood to shame. Of course, no circus show would be complete without incredible acrobatics spinning from the ceiling and the flexible stunts of a woman fitting herself into a bottle. Husband and wife duo take on the knife throwing stunt, a trust testing piece but these artists are fearless, leaving the audience in nail biting suspense. We see the Guinness World record holding strongman Hercules pull a wooden cart laden with performers across the stage with his teeth. We see a women balance her whole body using one hand and a one who swings in the air using one rope. This is not the everyday theatre experience.

Highlight of the night has to be the incredible ‘Globe of death’. An act that includes motorists riding around inside a massive globe placed centre stage. The performers’ lack of fear and hunger for danger means we find ourselves on the edge of our seats, holding our breath, thinking at any moment a motorcycle will ride out into the audience or someone will be catapulted into the stalls. However these are people who know what they are doing and how to deliver a breath-taking show. Zippos Cirque Berserk transforms our idea of the circus, giving us a show like no other.


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May 2021
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