The City of Angels (and devils)

I went to LA just after my 18th birthday and my friends and I picked out a beautiful restaurant/ bar to go to on our first night. It was quite a prestigious place, one of Lisa Vanderpump’s lounges, so the bar was set high. 

We got there and it was absolutely stunning. The Instagram opportunities were fab, it had a gorgeous floral wall, and the decorations inside were amazing. Alas, it went downhill from there. 

We had some people in the group who were American and above the legal drinking age there, so we ordered some cocktails. They were really yummy, and as the sun started to go down at PUMP, the candles were lit, and we sipped our drinks blissfully. 

Little did we know, some of those drinks were spiked. Only one of us was affected (it was only later I realised I’d swapped drinks with her earlier that night), but she was affected badly. She was shouting through the streets of LA chatting utter nonsense and talking to random strangers. 

At this point, we hadn’t realised she’d been spiked, so when she pulled a knife out on a police officer while stopping for a chat, to say we were confused is an understatement. Luckily the officer was really nice and pointed us in the right direction to get home safe. What a legend. 

The poor lass was under the weather the next day, and we realised there had been some foul play. 

So, my travel tip for LA is to get some anti-spiking protection nail polish, and some spiking testers. We’d watched our drinks carefully, but these things can happen in the space of a split second. Stay vigilant and protect yourself, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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January 2022
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