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Climate Change Corner: Interview with Dr Jeff Price on his upcoming talk at the Norwich Science Festival- “The Impact of Climate Change on Norfolk’s Biodiversity”

Professor Jeff Price is a Senior Research Associate at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia whose focus lies in investigating the impact of climate change on biodiversity. An accomplished environmental scientist, Price will be presenting information on how we might expect Norfolk’s biodiversity to change with the warming climate at the Norwich Science Festival. 

Price’s climate talk will include discussion on the species most overlooked when studying climate change impact and most vulnerable to rapid environmental changes- insects and fungi. Given they play important roles in pollination and are important food sources for birds and other animals, a knock-off effect comes into play. Speaking of this interconnectedness, Professor Price likens it to a tapestry, where one thread being pulled out may cause the entire thing to collapse. 

Enquiring as to whether public outreach played an important role in mitigating the impact of climate change, Professor Price gives a clear answer. “We may have climate goals in the UK, but we’re nowhere near meeting them.”  With the stark warning issued by the last IPCC report, a statement like this shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, hearing it from the horse’s mouth does have a much more daunting effect. “When you talk to the public, you can achieve several goals…people can make decisions based on the choices they make, this encourages people to make different choices.” He uses lawn mowing as an example. Price explains the little things like “over-mowing” our lawns can have climate change impacts from gas emission, as well as wiping out insect habitats and food supply for pollinators. 

“People’s decisions on what car they buy, how far they drive, mass transit, and particularly fast fashion all have huge impacts on the environment, biodiversity and the climate” he goes on to explain. “Getting people to understand and do things like run their own carbon footprint has an impact and then realising you can offset those emissions from your daily lives in ways that are biodiversity-friendly.” 

Professor Jeff Price’s talk will be held on Sunday, 24th of October at the Refectory, from 11 am-12 pm as a free event held by the Norwich Science Festival. 

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