A video has emerged of Norwich South Labour MP Clive Lewis telling an audience member at a Momentum event to “get on your knees bitch.”

The video, shot at an event in Brighton last month, shows a man called up to stage, before he is told by Mr Lewis to get on his knees.

The Norwich South MP tweeted: “I apologise unreservedly for the language I used at an event in Brighton last month. It was offensive and unacceptable.”

Female MPs from his party have condemned his language, and Labour have.

Stella Creasy. MP for Walthamstow, said: “It’s not ok. Even if meant as joke, [it] reinforces menace that men have the physical power to force compliance.”

Jess Phillips, who represents Birmingham Yardley, added: “Just seen the Clive Lewis video. Obviously I am appalled, just listened to 7 teenage girls speak up about gender inequality. Perhaps I’ll bring them to work on Monday.”

A spokesman for the Labour Party said: “The Labour Party condemns the language used by Clive Lewis. It was completely unacceptable and falls far short of the standard expected of Labour MPs.”

SU Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer India Edwards was critical of the MP’s comments.

Miss Edwards said: “There are no circumstances under which behaviour like this is acceptable- ‘banter’ like this, especially from someone in public office is simply Never OK. I’m proud to say that if this rally was being held in the LCR we’d have had him removed”

SU Womens Officer Amy Atkinson said: “There remain huge gender imbalances in leadership in public life, and what’s needed from MPs is leadership in making politics and political events more diverse– not childish public sexualised misogyny.”

She added: “Clive needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and think about what he’ll now do to win back the trust of student voters that imagined him to be progressive, when he appears in this video to be nothing of the sort”


  1. If the rally was held in the Lcr the SU would have kicked him out? Yet they let James Arthur play and he’s said a lot worse.

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