Clive Lewis harassment charges cleared

Clive Lewis has been cleared of all sexual harassment allegations following a month long Labour Party investigation.

The Norwich South MP was accused of groping a woman’s bottom at a Labour Party fringe event, The World Transformed, this September.

The alleged victim told The Independent that she and Mr Lewis “had a hug and while we were having a hug he gave my bum a big squeeze.”

The Labour MP categorically denied all charges of sexual harassment, stating “this is not how I roll.”

In the wake of multiple allegations against prominent MPs, including the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Labour MP’s Jared O’Mara and Kelvin Hopkins, the Labour Party launched the investigation into the Labour MP last month, but chose not to suspend the whip.

A party spokesperson said in a statement: “After consideration of statements provided by the complainant and the respondent, the NEC’s Sexual Harassment panel has ruled that on the balance of the evidence the matter should not be referred to a full hearing of the National Constitutional Committee.”

Mr Lewis responded to today’s news that the investigation has been dropped. He said: “I believe it right and proper the Labour Party treats all allegations of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct seriously,” adding an expression of gratitude to his friends and family.

He added he “looks forward very much to continuing my work in parliament, fighting for the people I represent and the city I love.”

Several other Labour MPs are still the subject of investigation, including Kelvin Hopkins who was accused of sexually harassing a young activist, and Ivan Lewis, who was accused by a woman of inviting her back to his house and repeatedly touching her leg. Both MPs have been suspended from the party.

Other prominent government figures have also been the subject of scandal, including Theresa May’s First Secretary of State, Damien Green. He was accused of accessing “extreme pornography” on his computer following the release of a list of 36 Conservative MPs who faced varying degrees of sexual misconduct.


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