Clive Lewis opposes Extinction Rebellion ban

Norwich MP Clive Lewis shows support for embattled Extinction Rebellion protests. After protestors from climate change pressure group Extinction Rebellion brought London to a standstill, the Metropolitan police placed a total ban on all protests held in their jurisdiction from 9pm Monday, October 14 and 6pm Friday, October 18. 

However, Labour’s Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South, has joined a number of other politicians in preparing a judicial review application, challenging the blanket ban. In a statement, Lewis argued that instead of trying to ‘block our ears by shutting down their protests, we should be reacting to the danger they’re alerting us to.’ Furthermore, Lewis said that a ban on peaceful protests was a violation of free speech that undermines the democratic foundations of the country. While suggesting that a balance must be found between disrupting everyday life and making a message, Lewis believes that for the most part, Extinction Rebellion has a justifiable strategy.

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