Could coffee waste replace palm oil?

Revive Eco, a Scottish company set up by entrepreneurs Fergus Moore and Scott Kennedy, claims that recycled waste coffee grounds could be a worthy opponent for palm oil.

The co-founders of the company developed their idea while working in coffee shops to support themselves during their time as business students at Strathclyde University.

According to Revive Eco, around 60 percent of a cafe’s waste is coffee grounds. The duo set about kickstarting a circular economy within the coffee industry and developing processes allowing cafes to reduce their waste.

The brand currently produces a range of sustainable products and aims to expand this by producing their new palm oil alternative.

Despite the well known devastation the palm oil industry has on the environment, it is still a common ingredient in food and drink, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products. The extraction of palm oil is said to be wiping out rainforests in Asia, as well as having detrimental impacts on the communities surrounding them.

Revive Eco have now secured a £235,000 grant from Zero Waste Scotland and hope for future funding opportunities to make this great initiative a reality.

Moore and Kennedy’s long term aim is to be able to replicate their business model in coffee-drinking cities around the world, allowing the much loved beverage to join the movement towards a sustainable future.


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