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Come and Get Your Good Burger: Reviewing Norwich’s 7Heaven

Norwich is stuffed to bursting point with quirky little places to eat, which is probably why they keep shutting down as soon as they open. Like a hydra, when one closes, two take its place. Well thank whatever divine being you like for whatever place closed down to make room for 7Heaven because there is only the tiniest of chances that it could have been better. But it probably wasn’t, so goodbye to all that.

7Heaven is on Exchange Street, already home to at least two other burger places –  Captain America’s and Dray’s. Not the best place to house a new restaurant, you might say. But given Captain America’s is only slightly better than McDonalds and Dray’s is overpriced, 7Heaven isn’t in any real danger. The food being ridiculously good helps too, of course.

The décor inside is minimal, exposed pipes and brickwork. Ed Hardy tattoo posters on the wall point the place in a slightly more Americana direction, which is fine when your selling point is waffles and burgers. Wooden tables and sawdust-esque signs printed with the restaurants logo hanging on the wall finish off the interior. It’s charming rather than coming across as trying too hard to be hip, which is often the case in a stripped back, minimal kind of place. Food is first, everything else is second here.

The staff are as friendly as friendly can be. Overly so, if you’re a cynical old man who wants to be alone all the time, but I appreciate their conversation and relaxed attitude. They’ll get your food after they’ve had a little chat about your day or where you’re from. If the waiter you get isn’t a young faced thing, then they’re the right kind of middle aged – the kind you can see playing guitar in their garage for an hour after the kids have been tucked in, or who have an unparalleled knowledge of local craft beer.

The menu, then, is all themed around the number seven. Seven kinds of burger (though really you only need to try the 7Chicks) and seven kinds of waffles. The burgers are huge and delicious, and you won’t miss the fries you’re probably accustomed to having with them. When burgers are as good as they are here, fries won’t be missed. Stop complaining about the lack of fries, you came here for a wonderfully cooked burger and a delicious waffle which is exactly what you’ll get.

7Heaven opened in November 2014, and I don’t doubt it’ll stay open much longer than most restaurants that think a quirky idea for a menu is enough to keep them afloat. 7Heaven has the idea and the food follows through on it. Stop reading and go now.


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  1. it’s great there, and they offer not merely one but TWO kinds of fries – the classic skin-on potato (delicious, crisp, REAL potato not extruded potato gloop fried in summat disgusting, but proper sliced potato!) or SWEET POTATO which are also excellent.
    All sides I have tried are delish – and I recommend it for meat-eaters and veggies alike ~ the Portobello Mushroom burger I have tried and I’m a meat eater! It was excellent, but I’m more of a TROTTER7 (pulled pork, BBQ sauce & cheese on a medium-rare (my choice) beef burger kinda gal.
    Desserts also excellent! Service Friendly, Speedy, non-harassing!! A top spot, definitely!