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Comedy: Headlights and Delete the Banjax

Taking a front row seat with a cold pint of Carlsberg, you can’t help but wonder what the night will have in store for you. Luckily for those in attendance, the night was full of quirky sketches, self-deprecating humour, fantastic musical numbers and audience interaction which saw a girl by the name of Tamara receiving the best audience member award. Jealous.

Before the headline act took to the stage though, UEA’s very own comedy gurus warmed up the audience with a number of pleasing, and in some cases remarkably spot on, sketches. Headlights racked up the laughs with their very own take on a UEA promotional video, making full use of the glorious concrete and walkways, which apparently allow students to “walk above the lower classes”. A few mishaps were evident, yet the Headlights team did not allow themselves to be fazed, even when the lighting failed them during a sketch about gnomes. The crowd enjoyed the sketches, although you do get the feeling that outside of a predominantly UEA audience the jokes would be rather unfunny, and at the extreme, offensive. Rounding off with some notes on how Norfolk crime this month has “spiked from zero to one, as Kevin the pig has been pushed over”, Headlights can be forgiven for catering to the crowd.

After a brief interval, the audience found their seats just in time for the main act, a five star British Comedy Guide four-piece set who blend improvisation, music, and audience interaction into an hour filled (mostly) with laughter. The only real complaint was the repeat of the same joke, rehashing old material for cheap laughs is never a good thing, and although some in the audience were pleased, some were not convinced. Aside from this, the set was incredibly enthusiastic and energetic. Jumping right in with Positive Thinking at the start through audience interaction set the scene well, all knew what was in store as the crowd shouted out “sex” while Banjax yelled “bomb”, finishing the opening sketch with a dance toSex Bomb. History lessons ensued as the audience learnt that Hitler’s real reason for invading Europe and Russia was to find a lost wallet, and the blunt truth of an Ikea visit was revealed to all in musical style.

Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable night, with plenty of laughs to be found in both performances from Headlights and Delete the Banjax. A word of warning though: do not sit at the front and text, for you will be sat on.

We caught up with Delete the Banjax after the gig – read the interview.


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