What is the comfiest pair of jeans?

I have a very love/hate relationship with jeans. There will be weeks when I live in them and remind myself for days on end that I need to wash them, but I can also go a month at a time without touching them. There will always be a jean that I come back to time and time again though: the humble mom jean.

With most articles like this you can expect a slightly biased review of a very specific type of jean from a potentially over-priced high street chain, but as a fickle student with an unstable bank account, I’m less loyal to a shop and more loyal to a style. Most often, I think we expect an uninventive gush about Joni Jeans, honestly.

Joni Jeans are horribly overrated, okay, and Topshop fail time and time again to adequately cater for anyone with a clothes size larger than a 12. This is where I have found the underdog TK Maxx to pull through in times of plus size need. Admittedly, they can be a bit hit and miss, but they have proved to be more consistently successful than a lot of other (what I think of as) ‘nice’ high street shops.

I now own two pairs of TK Maxx jeans – with embroidered flowers, no less – because after my first foray with them, it was absolutely necessary that I keep a pair at uni and a pair at home. Cambridge and Norwich are the places to shop, just as a heads up.

Comfy yet chic; flattering yet practical; appropriate for t-shirt days and ‘jeans and a nice top’ days, what’s not to love? I was always a little sceptical, I have to say. As a gal who has to buy a few sizes larger than she’d like, I am very aware of what will flatter me and what won’t. The cinched in waist is a pro, but the baggier bottoms are usually a con for me. And then one day I decided not to care.

In summary, mom jeans tick the comfort box and let me live my chic and stylish dreams. 10/10, would recommend.

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