Coming to America: The weather outside is frightful

I’ve been watching a lot of Gavin & Stacey at the moment. Firstly because it’s absolutely one of the best British comedies to have ever been made. Second of all, because it reminds me of home. I’ve been called a ‘Pam’ more than once. America is great (not to be confused with make great again) but it is no England.

Americans just aren’t funny. Not in comparison to back home. They’re funny to watch and analyse afterwards but they’re very rarely intentionally funny. James Corden isn’t the same across the Atlantic. Luckily, I am extremely hilarious. When I’m not cracking jokes, I am planning and prepping my final essays.

The temperature has shot right back up to 25 degrees celsius in October – nearly November. You don’t see a coat in sight. December is getting closer, despite what the weather thinks, and all my courses require a final research essay which is why I made the great decision of booking a weekend trip to Washington DC two days before one is due. Life is short, isn’t it kids?

For my fans at home, you know I’m an excellent baker. Alas, America has got me messed up. I very lovingly made some halloween cupcakes. Plain cupcakes with some sprinkles basically and they were DISGUSTING. What did I do wrong? It’s still under investigation. I’m leaning towards the baking soda… I really have no one to blame but the Americans as I did follow an American recipe.

What’s most important is that my lovely, lovely boyfriend is flying all the way out to Oklahoma to come and visit me. I am hoping he’ll bring some English weather with him, but I’m mostly looking forward to some McVitie’s chocolate digestives. It has been three months since I last saw him without it being through a screen and friends – I am so excited. Hope you’re all okay and not too cold. I missed hanging out with you at Halloween. No one in America dressed up as Nessa or the Pope – two excellent costumes I saw through the Instagram. I did see a spray painted dog though. Cheerio!

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