Comment Box: No-deal impact on students

Vivienne Stern raises valid concerns shared amongst myself and many other EU nationals.

The UK used to look like an educational sanctuary to international students with it’s attractive universities and highly publicised international acceptance rates. But now? With the proposed Brexit date looming without any clear idea of what this would mean for international students such as myself, there is a nervousness in the atmosphere about the future of international students.

My biggest concern is whether Brexit would lead to a hike in fee prices. Will I have to pay more because of this? Is the price of student visas going to hike like the IHS did recently? Will admission into universities for international students become increasingly high? Is Brexit a way of the UK ‘building a wall’ to keep us out?

The uncertainty is clearly scary because even until now, the government has not given us, international students, both current and prospective, EU and non-EU, any clear instruction or information about the full effect of Brexit on our studies at UK universities.

I have been closely following Brexit for a couple of months now, including the historic loss of Theresa May’s Brexit proposal and I am still not sure what is going to happen to us when the proposed deadline of 29 March arrives.

I think rushing the Brexit deal will have a detrimental effect to the UK.

If they do not do things right, it may lead to a downfall in the economy and ruffled relations with the world market. This may also in turn discourage other international students from coming to study in the UK as they would fear the possibility of university fee spikes as universities try to manage the loss of international students who currently generate a fair amount of revenue for universities.

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