Comment: defending unconditional offers

Some may argue unconditional offers are unfair – that they’re just a guarantee to get tuition fees, and that they act as an unfair advantage to students who are awarded them Some may also argue students with unconditional offers don’t go through the same stresses during exam season and on results day that their peers with conditional offers do. However I respectfully, but strongly, disagree, and that’s not just because I received an unconditional offer to study History prior to coming to UEA.

With regards to the tuition fees argument, for instance, universities will get their tuition fees anyway, irrespective of unconditional offers. It would just be from another student. Secondly, those who are made an unconditional offer to study at university have earned it through years of consistent hard work and good exam results. But that is not to say, of course, that conditional offer students don’t work as hard as their friends who receive a guaranteed place.

It is simply a matter of the university choosing from countless UCAS applications as to who they feel is most likely to thrive at their institution, and giving them their reward based on an unbiased UCAS reference and quality, long-standing academic performance.


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