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This year has already been an incredible and unforgettable year for tennis fans and there is still a month to go.

With Roger Federer coming back from a long injury break and Rafael Nadal trying to find back his form after several injuries, it was a question mark whether these two tennis stars were ready to compete on the high level once again.

Most people thought that this was Federer’s last season and others were debating if Nadal could win a Grand Slam title this year. However, all of these thoughts and debates are redundant.

Right at the beginning of the season, we had the privilege of watching these two tennis stars playing against each other at the Australian Open final, where Roger Federer outlasted Rafa Nadal to win the title.

The high quality tennis they played during the tournament was enough to silence everyone; and after that moment, most of the people who respected and adored tennis realized that it was a privilege to watch these two tennis stars battling against each other.

During this season, many unexpected and surprising things happened, but overall what everyone was focused on was how Nadal and Federer were playing how they did years ago.

And because it was an excitement we missed, every Rafa-Roger match was a treat – something no one could miss. On Sunday 15th of October, for the fourth time in 2017, these two outstanding sportsmen shared the same court to battle for the Shanghai Masters trophy.

The Swiss lost only four times this year and he is in great form against Nadal as he won the last four matches they played.

In Shanghai, despite Federer’s incredible form in 2017, Nadal seemed to be the favorite because of his outstanding performance in US Open and in Beijing.

He had a minor injury before the match, but it didn’t seem  important and Nadal refused to talk about it before and after the match. However, Federer showed a great performance and fired ten aces to beat Rafa Nadal.  He won his sixth title of the year and extended his winning streak against Nadal to five matches.

Right now, we have an important question in our minds. Who will be the number one when the year concludes? At the moment, Rafael Nadal is the number one player in the ATP rankings and it’s possible that if he sustains his current form he will finish in the same position.

However, if Federer levels up his game and carries on winning titles he can overcome Rafa in that race.

In a BBC interview, the Swiss said that his main focus is the ATP Finals at London and he doesn’t think that he will become the world number one at the end of this year. But who knows? We will enjoy watching both of them and see what will happen.


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