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Saturday, July 4, 2020

The policy flaw affecting British drinking

Olivia Grosvenor on the problems surrounding the ease of buying alcohol.

The sex factor: pornography in fashion

Adverts and pornography have become so similar we are no longer consumers of fashion, but of sexual desire, writes Hatty Farnham.

Do we need a student-only LCR?

Following recent violent attacks at UEA, Billy Sexton and Polly Grice debate making the LCR student-only.

Vivienne Westwood and the firepower of protest

There I was, getting myself nicely worked up to write a piece decrying the half-baked environmental claptrap that is from time to time published...

The value of tradition in British politics

If you had switched on any news channel on the 18th of May, you would most likely have been utterly confused by the hubbub...

Mental Health insensitivity results in public outcry

Rosie Yates comments on supermarket giants advertising Halloween costumes in an offensive manner.