Comment / 20/07/2021 To mask or not to mask?

After the recent government announcement, the question on everyone’s mind is: to mask or not to mask? We will soon see a palpable divide between those who continue to don the mask, and those who choose to toss it. Statistically, gender plays into this divide. A recent poll showed that 73% of women will continue...

Comment / 20/07/2021 Hancock’s Hypocrisy

In a bizarre video interview from 2019, Boris Johnson announced in the face of no-deal Brexit fears that “under any circumstances, this country will be amply provided for, not only with Mars bars, not only with drinking water, but also with cheese and onion crisps.” In a vacuum, this comment would be blindly endearing and...

Comment / 19/07/2021 19 July lifting of restrictions ignores the unvaccinated section of the population

As 19 July bears closer and closer, cases and hospitalisations are rising. Although we will never be in the position the government was in last March and as such, we will never be able to understand those pressures of making decisions which could affect many peoples’ lives. With that being said, there is no denying...

Comment / 04/05/2021 The solution to the possibly discriminatory nature of Covid passports

The end of lockdown and the return to freedom is finally on the horizon. As part of the government’s plan to return to normality, they will be introducing Covid passports for people who want to go abroad.  Currently, the government is on track to offer a first vaccine to the rest of the adult population...

Comment / 04/05/2021 Successful government Covid-19 responses stand out against a crowd of tragedy

Worldwide government responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have been starkly varied. Where some populations suffer in overcrowded hospitals desperately in need of a ventilator which is simply not there, others visit sporting events and enjoy live music. The world has become far more closed than it has ever been, with foreign aid simply highlighting a...

Comment / 04/05/2021 Extinction Rebellion must soften their tactics to combat the climate crisis

The historical shift from environmentalists ridiculed as ‘hippies’ to being stamped as ‘ecomaniacs’ and ‘dangerous’ by media tabloids indicates movements like Extinction Rebellion are anything but a dying fire.  Despite being three years young, the organisation has gained universal stead as the intergenerational symbol for environmental activism, galvanising membership across 70 countries and dominating the...



Schools aren’t safe for unvaccinated teachers

Despite the phased returning of pupils to school this week, teachers have been left out of the priority groups for a Covid-19 vaccine. Earlier this week, millions of primary and secondary school students returned to school. This is the first step of the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK. These easings have come…


A Gender Equality Crisis is on the Rise

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act 1970, it has become apparent that a gender equality crisis is on the rise. The coronavirus pandemic is set to reverse years of progress fought for by the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst and Malala Yousafzai. Speaking to the Guardian, Sam Smethers of the…


Stop using the word ‘Covidiots’

Last week, a mountain rescue volunteer was paralysed after attempting to save the lives of two wild campers breaking the Covid restrictions. This story ought to shake a nation to its core, a moment when selfishness met selflessness. Chris Lewis, 60, is now in a wheelchair. This must surely exemplify the humility of one man…


It’s time we fixed the gender contraceptive gap

People throughout history have sought a multitude of methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In Medieval Western Europe, women used lily roots as contraceptive coils and took herbal products to induce abortions, the Ancient Greeks prescribed potentially fatal solutions consisting of a copper salt, and the Ancient Egyptians inserted a solidified mixture of honey and sodium…


Trump’s no-show no surprise

It is tradition for former presidents to attend inaugurations. As a peaceful transition of power, only seven presidents in history have failed to attend their successor’s inauguration. The last was Andrew Johnson in 1869. However, on 20th January, Donald Trump decided to make a back door exit into his jet and leave Washington DC for…


The way we promote the vegan diet needs a rethink

I love burgers, fries and cheesecake. And I’m vegan. Confusing, right? Well, not anymore. Caffè Nero’s vegan cheesecake is soft and decadent. The ‘Moving Mountains burger’ is texturally divine. A burger isn’t a burger without melting cheese, so thankfully Applewood’s smoky alternative melts delightfully under the soft pressure of an eggless bun and meatless patty. …

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