Comment / 03/05/2022 The parallels of ‘Putinism’ and what it means for millions of Russians

We hear more and more every day about the callous attacks by the Russian military on innocent Ukrainian civilians. It is these people who are without doubt the greatest victims of ‘Putinism’ – a vicious, autocratic political ideology that seeks both complete physical and intellectual domination over those who threaten to disrupt it. While our...

Comment / 03/05/2022 Britain’s migrant deal with Rwanda

The landlocked East African country of Rwanda is due to become the potential home of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in the UK as part of a controversial scheme negotiated by Home Secretary Priti Patel. In a speech discussing the government’s new migration and economic development partnership, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, “anyone entering the...

Comment / 03/05/2022 The Energy Crisis & Rise of Living Costs

Recently, you’d have noticed there has been a very large price inflation since Russia began attacking Ukraine. The price of living has vastly increased, and while we’re not the only place to be affected, the current inflation is rising at 7%, with the worst yet to come. Amidst Russia’s war crimes, many countries have cut...

Comment / 03/05/2022 Party gate and Ukraine: How Can Boris Challenge Putin Now?

After confirmation that he broke his own laws, Boris Johnson continues to cling to power. But how can he challenge Vladimir Putin when he’s repeatedly lied to his own people?  To say this has been a bad few weeks for Boris Johnson would be the understatement of the year. This April saw police investigations confirm...

Comment / 22/03/2022 Has Boris forgotten about the vulnerable?

Boris Johnson has announced it’s time we live with Covid-19. But he hasn’t told us how. The perception our prime minister, weakened by scandals, is trying to appease to his backbenchers is not all that farfetched. Many of these backbenchers have businesses and investments impacted by Covid-19 restrictions and wish for life to return to...

Comment / 22/03/2022 Britain’s disappointing visa system for Ukraine

“Please do not attempt to travel to the UK without a valid visa.” The statement sits at the top of the Ukrainian advice page on the government website. I mean, it doesn’t say don’t come, but it’s not exactly welcoming either. The refugee crisis continues to intensify. It’s estimated three million citizens have already fled...



Spiking: be bold and honest with us

For many of us, clubbing is a staple part of university life. Whether it’s heading down to the LCR on a Tuesday night or the streets of Norwich at the weekend, clubbing has historically been a largely safe and secure social activity across our university towns. Therefore, I do not need to begin to express…


An Expected Nuisance For Unexpected Guest

Christmas: a time of peace, goodwill, and it turns out racism. This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, Unexpected Guest, has been released and it has been met by a vocal minority with accusations of ‘wokery’ – shorthand for what most of us pleasant people would call modern and progressive. Just so we are clear, the…


The blurred lines of celebrities and politics.

Coronavirus has provided an extra strand to weave into the already complex relationship between the worlds of celebrity and politics. The parallels between the two are stark in and of themselves: random figures catapulted into a world where they suddenly have influence, legions of adoring supporters willing to hang on their every word regardless of…


Should children get the vaccine?

In recent weeks, Covid vaccinations have started to roll out for under-16s. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding people asking whether children should be eligible for it. Some people say they shouldn’t be offered it, whereas others are saying they should. When they are young, children are given vaccines to protect them…

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