Comment / 15/12/2020 The Sour Notes of Sia’s ‘Music’

On the 19th of November, Sia released the trailer for her first cinematic experience: ‘Music’. This film claims to portray the experiences of a non-verbal autistic girl, indeed, the unifying experience of life with autism – a claim which Sia no doubt expected praise for attempting.  On a surface level, the best of ‘Music’ can...

Comment / 15/12/2020 You didn’t fail your exams, exams failed you

The UK government has just announced a series of measures to make GCSEs and A-levels easier next year, as a result of teaching lost due to COVID. These include more generous grading, advance notice of topics to aid revision, and the option of sitting exams in July if they are missed for illness or self-isolating....

Comment / 15/12/2020 Digital censorship threatens personal liberty

Being critical online of one’s state, of one’s government, and of one’s national leadership is perhaps something we Brits take for granted. A quick scroll through Twitter under #UKPolitics (or anything remotely adjacent) will find seemingly infinite opinions of the Johnson ministry, ranging from left-wing criticism to right-wing praise. Similarly, searching for #Labour will return...

Comment / 24/11/2020 Is it unfair to lift lockdown for Christmas?

It’s Christmas Eve 2020: A glistening tree decorated with tinsel and fully working lights (miracle!) stands tall and bushy, hiding carefully wrapped gifts underneath and filling the living room with festive joy where countless Christmas movies will soon be watched with family. Arrangements have been made to visit grandparents and other family members you haven’t...

Comment / 24/11/2020 Uni students need to be able to go home

I am not normally one to praise our current government, which is why it somewhat pains me to admit when Universities Minister Michelle Donelan was making TV appearances to discuss the government’s plan to get students home for Christmas, I was impressed.  While I did not agree with everything she said, here was someone who...

Comment / 24/11/2020 Questions of dependency: government or charity?

The UK has never faced a major natural disaster. Unlike countries around the ring of fire, nature does not play a huge part in our town planning, government budget, or psyche. What we have discovered with Covid-19 is we are out of our depth.  Let me use the example of a tsunami. Tsunamis are caused...


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    Favourite song covers
    Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s
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    Favourite song covers
    Is this author 14 years old with absolutely zero knowledge on music? Has to be. Two out of three songs are irrelevant. Both by shitty bands. Who paid for this?…
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    Should we mourn GCSE poetry?
    Wonderful article! Very insightful and brilliantly communicated. I wasn't aware of this issue before, but this article has really brought it to light for me. Thank you very much!
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