Comment / 09/02/2021 Trump’s no-show no surprise

It is tradition for former presidents to attend inaugurations. As a peaceful transition of power, only seven presidents in history have failed to attend their successor’s inauguration. The last was Andrew Johnson in 1869. However, on 20th January, Donald Trump decided to make a back door exit into his jet and leave Washington DC for...

Comment / 09/02/2021 Influencers don’t deserve special treatment in a global crisis

Before the pandemic, influencers occupied a strange space in my moral compass. I disagree with their participation in a culture of toxic materialism, but then again, so little of the criticism levelled at them until now has looked past the revealing swimwear and cosmetic procedures. Somewhere in the onslaught of ‘get a real job’ and...

Comment / 09/02/2021 The way we promote the vegan diet needs a rethink

I love burgers, fries and cheesecake. And I’m vegan. Confusing, right? Well, not anymore. Caffè Nero’s vegan cheesecake is soft and decadent. The ‘Moving Mountains burger’ is texturally divine. A burger isn’t a burger without melting cheese, so thankfully Applewood’s smoky alternative melts delightfully under the soft pressure of an eggless bun and meatless patty. ...

Comment / 19/01/2021 The True Virus is Tory Incompetence

In a time like this, it’s easy to feel sorry for those in power. Don’t. The selfishness and incompetence of the Conservative Party is a virus which has been slowly infecting Britain since 2010 – COVID has only exposed it.  The UK ranks 9th worst for coronavirus deaths relative to population. Over 75,000 lives lost....

Comment / 19/01/2021 Clap for Carers is well-intended but ultimately performative

Clap for Carers provided a perfect demonstration of unity at the start of the pandemic. Every Thursday for ten weeks, the well-meaning British public were invited to show their support for key workers by applauding on their doorsteps. Pots and pans were bashed, various musical instruments played, and non-participants were judged by their nosy neighbours....

Comment / 19/01/2021 Exam Cancellation Chaos

For the second year running, A-Level and GCSE exams, due to be held in the summer, have been cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister on 4th January, the same day he brought in the third national lockdown. Some students welcomed the news, as they no...


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