[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”MacBook Pro”]My MacBook Pro 15-inch retina was bought solely to increase productivity at university. Three years later in my final year, it still exceeds all my expectations. It’s hardly the most portable device on the market, but this is offset with the luxury of viewing multiple tabs simultaneously, which is a must for my seminar preparation. Without my MacBook, I would be finding university a lot more challenging. The intuitive operating system is far superior to its rivals; given that you cant throw a MacBook on campus without it hitting another one shows that plenty of other students agree.

George Pegler[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Asus X751LA”]My ASUS X751LA Laptop is a tank. It has survived being drowned twice, many rowdy pre-drinks and being dropped innumerable times, whilst still maintaining functionality. It’s quite bulky, meaning I can’t take it to uni often, and if I use it for too long I lose circulation in my legs, but this is offset by its large storage space for all those essays I write and never use again. Windows 8 has never stopped being a nuisance, but after enough use you can overlook or get windows 10. The DVD drive would be useful if Netflix didn’t exist, but since it does the drive is just for aesthetics.

Tom Bedford[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”iMac”]I use an iMac in my room, although I find myself using the library computers frequently. Some of the programmes are confusing to use if you’re new to Apple computers, and I bought it new for uni. The screen is large, so movie nights are great, and it’s easy to have multiple tabs open at once wihout having to switch between them. It also has no actual desktop case, being only a monitor, so transport is much easier than it would be for a normal computer. Unfortunately, Apple computers seem to be overlooked by game platforms and I’ve found myself neglecting my gaming hobby due to the computer.

Molly Collins[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Custom Built PC”]Before university I constructed my own gaming computer, which took far more money and time than simply purchasing a straight-from-the-box device; however, I feel the superior power really benefits my hobby. I do a fairly practical course with minimal coursework and therefore I have no real requirements with regards to its functionality in this regard, however it is fairly adept at basic functions such as word processing. I was planning to use the library for course-related work, but when I heard that students were entitled to Microsoft programmes free, I found myself simply staying at home to work.

Scott Dean[/su_tab][/su_tabs]