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Concrete Awards 2020

You can see the winners of the Concrete Awards at the bottom of this page and on our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Editor-in-Chief Chris Matthews:

I am immensely proud of what Concrete has achieved this year. From running a successful mental health campaign to investigating stories on campus and being shortlisted for seven Student Publication Association awards, the paper has made a real impact at UEA over the past twelve months. I’m grateful to everyone who has written for us, taken photographs for the paper and ensured Concrete remains one of the UK’s top student newspapers. Special thanks must go to the 2019/20 Editorial Team. In particular I’d like to mention the team behind the scenes, who help maintain Concrete’s high standards alongside our Section Editors and Senior Writers: Online Editors Alec Banister and Jack Oxford; Copy Editors Nerisse Appleby and Reeve Langston; Social Media Editors Alethea Farline, Amelia Groves and Chloé Johnson; and our Lead Photographers Harry Chapman and Roo Pitt. I’d also like to thank Venue Editor and Deputy Venue Editor Ellie Robson and Amelia Rentell, who have done a fantastic job with Venue and commissioned some lovely artworks in the process. Finally a big thank you must go to Deputy Editor Jess Barrett. Jess has been instrumental to Concrete this year. From editing content, perfecting page design and writing an unfathomable number of articles, she has been an indispensable member of the Chief Editorial team. I know both Jess and I are really looking forward to seeing where the new Editor-in-Chief Sam Hewiston, and Deputies Matt Branston and Will Warnes take the paper, and we wish them all the best!

Deputy Editor Jess Barrett:

Every single one of Concrete’s writers this year has impressed me with their quality of work and dedication to the society. It’s wonderful to be able to give a selection of our very best the recognition they deserve for producing such outstanding work. You’ve each excelled yourself through your individual writing styles, well thought out opinions and personal stories. In particular, I’ve been blown away by the amazing art and photography we have featured in our publication, by Jo Castle and Harry Chapman respectively. Congratulations to all who have been selected for an award, I’ll miss my lovely Concrete family! 

Venue Editor Ellie Robson:

It’s been an honour to oversee all the brilliant writing that has featured in Venue this year, and extremely rewarding to watch the editors and writers grow. Everyone has been amazing to work with, and all the winners are very well deserving. Some highlights of this year have been Imogen Carter de Jong’s piece ‘Unconventional sexiness: dressing for me’, which both won Concrete fashion article of the year and is on the Student Publication Awards shortlist for Best Lifestyle Piece, and Jack Oxford’s article on posthumous releases, which is just one of a number of outstanding contributions that he has made to the music section this year.

Venue Deputy Editor Amelia Rentell:

This year, Venue has been beautiful. We’ve been really lucky that every cover featured original artwork and it’s been amazing to see so much talent on our front page. Jo Castle has been exceptional in making Venue look the best it can. Her artwork is vibrant, refreshing, and emotive making Venue look worthy of framing. Jo has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we are so grateful that she shared her gorgeous art with us.

Have a look at the winners of the Concrete Awards 2020 below:

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