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Ever since I was a child, seeing the Northern Lights has been at the top of my bucket list. There is just something about the crackling noise and the vivid colours dancing across the night sky that promises magic and mystery in our otherwise mundane world. Since I hate being cold, what better place to hope for a glimpse of this spectacular natural phenomenon than from the comforts of a glass igloo in Northern Finland? Just you, a cosy blanket, and a cup of tea, while the Aurora Borealis performs right above you.

Linnea Kalnins


The destination currently at the top of my list is Bruges in Belgium, not just because one of my favourite films is set there, nor am I swayed by the fact that it is relatively close, and therefore cheaper than my other dream destinations (student loans won’t cover a week in Borneo!). No, Bruges is ideal because it satisfies the old woman in me that loves history and all things old. With beautiful canals and stunning medieval architecture, I can’t think of a better place to spend a long weekend, stuffing my face with chocolate and drinking beer in a 15th century pub.  

Martha Griffiths


The top of my travel bucket list is one of the most absurdly beautiful places in the world, with glorious rolling hills, rivers out of 18th century paintings, and mountains like from an overly priced water bottle advert. Lauterbrunnen feels like the last vestige of a time gone by, without all the bluster of modern life, but instead just a place where one can hike up to a beautiful cliff, observe the world as best as one can observe it, and finally feel at peace. It is serenity in landscape form.

Matthew Branston


The only time I have been to Croatia so far is on Tour with Netball at uni. It’s fair to say that I didn’t have a lot of time to see the sights and appreciate the culture, and I’m itching to go back. The city of Split is at the top of my list as the next place for me to visit. I can just imagine myself swimming in the Krka waterfalls and exploring Diocletian’s Palace, and hopefully I’ll have a cocktail in my hand for the majority of my stay too.

Jess Barrett 


Japanese culture has always enamoured me, and after a devastating trip a few years ago, my top bucket list item is to revisit the country for a month after university to visit all the sites I missed and more. Japan’s society is technological advanced, different and ultramodern yet one so intertwined in its tradition and heritage. I want to explore both of these dynamics; from the deer park in Nara, and geiko culture, to real-life Mario Kart racing on the streets of Tokyo, sleeping in hotels ran completely by robots, and anime…can’t forget anime. 

Persia Humphreys


One of the places on the top of my list to visit while I am on exchange in England for a year is Amsterdam. The one event that happens every year which I am dying to see is the light festival that takes place every year from the end of November till mid-December. You can take a boat down the canal and see all the beautiful light designs displayed along the river. I would love the chance to see the thousands of lighting designs that are carefully picked each year to thrill both locals and tourists alike.

Sophie Martin


Completing the Abbott World Marathon Major series is my ultimate travel dream, not just because of the achievement of completing no less than six marathons, and collecting a cool shiny medal, but because of the amazing destinations I get to travel to as I complete them.

Having ticked off the famous sights of London before my first World Series marathon came to an end along The Mall. It’ll be onto Berlin next, then Chicago, Boston and New York. Finally, I plan to finish this journey off by taking in the breathtaking sights of Tokyo!

Roo Pitt


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