Concrete jungle: Jungle at the LCR

Synth-funk outfit Jungle bring a distinct sound to their genre representing a unique variety of groove in modern music. The band came to the LCR accompanied by upcoming synth-pop artist Georgia.

Georgia, originating from North London, has been developing her sound since 2015 but has only really gained momentum in recent years, following 2018’s Starting Out. Her set at the LCR showed off all that the young artist was able to do.  Laying down a style that has clear parallels to bands like Gorgon City, Georgia was an outstanding supporting act for Jungle and what she comes up with in future as she defines her sound more is something worth being excited for.

Jungle, after releasing their debut self-titled album in 2014, won a place in the hearts of many for bringing funk back into the mainstream. Following the release of their second album For Ever the group have, in terms of new music, engaged with the genre once again and have been touring the world to re-establish themselves as a funk force to be reckoned with.

Opening their set with the songs Smile and California, the group showed its strength and its intent. These songs, felt throughout the LCR, created an air of happiness and there wasn’t a single person not bobbing to the wonderfully eclectic composition.

Moving to songs like Casio and Happy Man Jungle later in the set, the band maintained a strongly positive vibe to their set laying out beats and gloriously pitchy vocals that would keep any audience entranced. The bands stage presence matched this as the vocalists called out to the crow throughout their set.

Although showcasing some songs from their first album, such as Platoon, Time and Busy Earnin’ (the last two from their encore), the band notably focused on their newer material. In this they seemed to thrive in songs with more complicated layering and these were the songs that were enjoyed most. Although it is fair to question how much the band has really developed their sound following their first album, there is no denying that Jungle still put on an amazing, euphoric and funky show.

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