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Sadly, in this case, reduced salt and sugar does equal reduced taste. These beans sadly suffer from a watery consistency and badly miss the salt, tasting bland. However, with some careful concentration it is possible to detect some decadent flavours bubbling under the disappointing façade of dullness. 4/10


The big daddy of beans shows its class once again. The flavouring of these beans is spot on, which is why Heinz has become a household name in the field. The skins are just right, however the beans did tend to be a little mushy. But the slightly-off texture pales in importance compared to the superb taste. Congratulations Heinz. 8/10

Euro shopper

There seems to be more sauce than bean in the can, with a bit of separation occurring in the pan. These beans are firm – they might be too firm. When you’re a journalist, you need a thick skin. Sadly, when you’re a baked bean you don’t – someone needs to tell the Euro Shopper beans that. 7/10


An upsettingly watery can of beans,. These are well salted but a little on the sweet side. If you like that sort of thing. The beans are mushy, however, which sadly ruins the overall experience of these. Very average, very unimpressive and they hardly deserve too be included. It’s a three from me. 3/10

Co-operative loved by us

These were exceptionally disappointing and sugarier than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Not only are they too sweet, the skins are tough and hard to eat. These beans are pretending to be something they’re not . That doesn’t work for people and or beans. They may be ‘loved by us’, but they weren’t loved by me. 1/10

The verdict: it’s very much the case that while all baked beans are equal, some are more equal than others. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.


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