Consoles and PCs have always been at war in the gaming community. ‘The PC Master Race’ claim that the superior processing power, mod-ability of games and rigs (console has this feature with some games but not to the same standard), and vast gaming library set it apart from its more commercialised console rival, which offers a streamlined experience at the expense of user choice.

PCs are known for being able to run higher intensity games however. This is because of the higher processing power available through new parts. A console is guaranteed to be able to run any game available for it, albeit not necessarily at a consistent framerate, but this makes it more accessible to the general gaming community. 

PCs have more choice when it comes to shopping for games. Online stores such as Steam, GOG, and Epic Games, provide the player with a wide variety of shops to venture to. Consoles on the other hand require the user to go through the preset store, for example the Playstation Store or the Nintendo eShop. Furthermore, PC stores are more likely to have sales due to the greater variety of purchase-points and the sheer number of wares available.

It does seem that makers are tailoring more towards consoles now however, as usually a console version for a game is released first, exposing it to its general audience in a more accessible medium, and is then ported to PC. In the case of games like ‘Red Dead Redemption II’, these were generally considered rushed unlike their console version.

Overall, I would argue that the PC and console versions of games are better for different things. Sometimes I want to just pick-up-and-play a game which is easier to do on console, especially with the Nintendo Switch. The mod-ability of PC however, does provide almost unlimited freedom for tailoring games to your wants.