Cooking on campus

We all know there’s nothing that can beat mum’s home cooked food – sausage and mash, apple crumble and of course a good old Sunday roast, but just because you’ve moved out of the house, doesn’t mean you can’t still have those kind of meals.

For many first time uni students, cooking will be nothing more than opening a box of take-away pizza, or putting a ready meal in the microwave, and while these are easy and relatively tasty options, there’s so much more you could be trying.

It’s daunting when you don’t know what you’re doing or where to start, right now you might be worried that you’ll set the kitchen on fire, trust me I was exactly the same, but you get over your doubts. Once you’ve lived off of the basics for a week or two, you’ll be craving something more, something better – and you can have that.

If you’re a total culinary novice then don’t be afraid to start simple. Get yourself a cook book of some kind, I personally recommend Nosh for Students by Joy and Ron May, which is cheap to buy on Amazon, but there will be plenty of other options available in the Waterstones on campus. Once you’ve done this, stock up on the essential ingredients you’ll need to have in the cupboard, the fridge and the freezer and make sure you’ve got the right equipment to use, the pots and pan sale in the Hive from the 17th to the 21st will be helpful for this.

When you think you’ve got what you need, get cooking! Experiment, have fun with food and go a little crazy but just remember to clean up after yourself, your flatmates (or your cleaner) won’t appreciate the mess.

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