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Creative Writing: Beauty of Music

There’s nothing like a song. Songs we remember, songs we forget, songs we live in. It’s intangible – something frozen in a few minutes that you can’t touch or disturb. You can melt into it with the tears of heartbreak; you can merge with it, singing along at a concert, the car, the shower. You find yourself humming a favourite melody and stop to realise you hadn’t noticed you were doing it. There’s something beautiful in the soundtrack we create to live by. Songs we drink to, laugh at, cry at and sing our hearts out to. Music that becomes our identity and that we identify with. Music can draw every emotion, be a snapshot that we hear but then see a memory from. The beauty I see is in music, created by people for people who get it. The pumping adrenaline that can course through us at a gig and make us feel alive and in the moment, frozen with that music and a part of something shared. The power to bring us high or take us low, but taken for granted in life, as you can’t or wouldn’t want to imagine a life without it.


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