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Creative Writing: don’t be afraid of the dark

Summer ends, days get shorter,
the world spins round, knitted gloves,
school doors unlocked, chunky socks,
streetlights at five o’clock.
Somebody told me that when summer ends,
the days get shorter,
and the sun forgets who we are.
The trees grow naked and the light fades fast
like a flame between your fingers.
Maps used to say there’d be dragons here,
they used to say that monsters hid underneath our beds,
so we keep the lights on at night and sleep in dread,
we give our lives for the light,
barking in the streets at night, order the sun to rise.
You get two months, use them wisely,
because soon summer ends, the nights get longer,
because no matter the time,
it’s always way past midnight
and the sun is always coming down,
so don’t be afraid of the dark.
The dark is intact promises, hot chocolate and warm pockets.
The dark is what you see when you close your eyes,
all salvation and no suffering.
The dark is what you’ll use to make your world,
don’t be afraid of the dark.
The dark is tomorrow and it is yesterday.
The dark is a time machine and it’s your rabbit hole.
The dark is the little boy who wanted to grow up to be like daddy.
The dark is the little girl who wanted to be a princess.


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July 2021
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