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Creative Writing: Quickfire Questions…with Elley Blue

What do you believe in?

I believe quite strongly in spirits and elves. In Iceland they will only lay a new road if they are sure it doesn’t run through an elfhouse. My kind of people.

What don’t you believe in?

Karma. Sadly, I don’t think the universe recognises you when you do a good deed.

Is Shakespeare really that great?


How do most people react when you tell them you write?

‘Oh that’s so cool, what do you write?’ Then I tell them I write sci-fi and fantasy and their eyes glaze over.

Would you prefer your writing to be personal or public?

My writing is always personal but that doesn’t mean it can’t be public! Hence why this is being submitted.

Is the concept of faith rational?

Absolutely. We all need a way to cope with the stuff that happens.

What has been the greatest century for literature?

I think the Greeks probably wrote every story and most literature since is a rehashing of the archetypes they laid down.

What is the best smell in the world?

Fried bacon early in the morning.

What’s that behind you?

A soft sofa cushion.


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