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Creative Writing: Uninvited Guest

Knock knock
Fear at my door
Knock knock
“Go away, I’m busy.
Come back tomorrow.”

Knock knock
Knock knock
Knock knock
“Okay, okay, come in.”

Fear is a terrible guest.

It wreaks havoc in my house.
Crack, it stomps on my ambition
Crash, there goes my initiative
Splash, it spills doubt all over my self-esteem.
“I just polished that!”

I used to panic.
I’d chase it around my head;
Too tiring, too frantic.
Just more mess
to clean up later.

I take a breath, sit down.
I watch its destructive campaign.
Fear is a paralysis.

But I watch,
I want to understand:
“Why are you here?”
If only I ask, my fear
will talk to me.
It is arrogant like that.

It never learns

That when it tells me who it is,
What it wants,
Where it came from,
Tells me why,

It tells me everything I need
To be free of it, because
Once I know it,
I can destroy it.

And then all is well,
And I tidy my house and
Invite better guests.


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