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how cruelty free is your make-up?

I repeatedly tell myself that trying to buy cruelty-free beauty products is too hard and too expensive, and that I just don’t have the time to spend searching for hours on end trying to find make-up that won’t threaten my morals as an animal lover. However, it’s time for us all to stop making these excuses and get on board with buying cruelty free make-up. After a bit of research, I found that it is neither expensive nor time-consuming to do this and it is so worthwhile.

The easiest way to identify if something is cruelty free is to look for the bunny. Seriously, it’s THAT easy, just look for a bunny-shaped symbol on the product packaging and bingo, you’ve found yourself some cruelty free make-up. Plus, if you’re still not sure then there are so many resources online. To make it even better, cruelty-free make-up is not expensive. There are so many amazing drug-store brands such as Superdrug, NYX, MUA and Collection that will do the job. And if you have got a little more to spend, then Urban Decay, The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees are some other great brands.

However, it is perfectly understandable why some are wary when buying from brands that claim they are cruelty-free. For example, some companies might ambiguously state that “We are against animal testing”, like L’Oréal, (just to name one) but don’t actually state that they do not test on animals, which L’Oréal, along with Boots, Tresemme, Revlon, and even MAC, do.

Even brands such as Dove, Radox and Simple fool us with their somewhat happy-go-lucky advertising, leaving us feeling as if we are just one purchase away from a world of ‘’real beauty’’ as Dove puts it.

If anything, deciding to go cruelty free is a great excuse to clear out your old make-up and have a fresh start. If you haven’t however got a big budget, like most students, then it’s great to replace even one item as they run out. I would attempt to give it a go. Next time you’re at the shop buying some Fairtrade tea or free-range eggs, just remember that there are also over 77 cruelty-free, 57 Vegan, and 71 Vegetarian beauty brands available to you too.


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May 2022
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