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Both of UEA’s Men’s pool teams beat Essex after a long day at the table. The A’s won a convincing 23- 13 while the B’s fought it out to beat Essex 23-21.

Early on the A’s and B’s were having opposite fortunes, with the A’s leading Essex 6-2 after eight frames whilst the B’s were losing 6-2. As the afternoon approached UEA A’s were leading Essex 12-11, and the B’s losing 13-8.

Yet while UEA A’s pulled away with a stunning performance, the B’s struggled after around twenty frames. The A’s beat Essex in 36 frames, winning 23-13, but at the same time the B team’s score remained at 16-16. The two university’s B teams continued to slowly inch up, the score remaining tight for the next hour, and all was set for a nail-biting finish. The room fell silent as all players watched the table with the score 22-21 to UEA.

Finally, after a remarkable forty-four frames, UEA B’s clinched the victory over Essex, beating them 23-21. The pool team’s victory took UEA to 0.1 points from overall victory.

Pool President Sam Slater praised the “valiant effort” of the B team especially when the match “didn’t start particularly well”. He said it was “fantastic to bring home both points”. With Slater leaving at the end of the year the committee elections are fresh in the minds of the players. Slater spoke on the issue, saying he hopes the team will “bring back both points next year and continue to beat Essex”


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