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Culinary Norwich – Christophe’s Crepes

Since I arrived in Norwich last year, there is only one eatery that I have visited more than once. If anyone asks me where I recommend in the city, Christophe’s Crêpes is my answer. Primarily, this is because the food is divine! The name is self-explanatory of what they serve and there is no significant venturing outside of this remit, but the variety of crêpe options available is impressive. Whether you want to go savoury with some ham and cheese, or you have a sweet tooth and fancy a plate piled up with all sorts of chocolatey and fruity treats, there is something to please everyone’s appetite. Any fan of pancakes and crêpes will not be disappointed and to top it all off, there are a lovely selection of ice creams to enjoy on hotter days. It’s a dream really!

However, the joy of Christophe’s Crêpes goes beyond the food – Nestled amongst the unique Lanes, it fits perfectly within the quirky, artisan businesses that surround it, providing a welcome but fun respite to any shopping trip! With the option to sit inside or out you can escape the busy city or fully embrace the surroundings, whilst enjoying a silky-smooth crêpe bursting with flavour. Moreover, those working in the café clearly get on and are having a good time, which helps to add to the friendly atmosphere of personal and caring service which is created!

Christophe’s Crêpes represents all that is great about independent businesses in Norwich. At its heart a happy, it is a positive place working to please its customers with great food and a light, bright environment! They even get involved in the wider city, having operated a street food outlet throughout the summer. As I do with my friends, I would like to recommend them to you!

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