Curl up with a good book on campus

Whether it is reading that textbook you just can’t get into, or reading your most beloved fiction, a nice and quiet environment is crucial for a pleasurable and productive reading experience. With such a diverse campus it seems silly not to make the most of it, and sometimes you just need to take some time out of the library! So, here are the best places to read on campus:

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The Lake
Even though it’s nearly winter and oh so windy already, nothing says relaxation like a good book and some fresh air. Sitting on one of the benches around the lake is an ideal way to get some peace and quiet and enjoy a good book. People-watching the occasional fisherman and jogger provide perfect reading respite and time to contemplate those oh so profound themes in that book of yours.

Cafe Direct
Situated next door to “The Shop”, Cafe direct is home to coffee, snacks and hoards of hungry students. Whilst it may seem too busy and overcrowded to enjoy a book, nothing is better than having a read and drinking a hot beverage. With hot chocolate on tap, and the soothing hum of the many customers, Cafe Direct offers a slightly more busy environment for the reader who can’t just sit in silence.

The Square
For those who enjoy background noise and some fresh air, The Square is ideal. Situated in the heart of the campus, it is out in the open so perfect for a sunny day (if we ever get one!). Take a seat on one of the steps, avoiding the chewing gum, and enjoy a read to the relaxing sight and sound of the fountain as well as the hustle and bustle of UEA students.

The Hive
The Hive is a great place for those who want to enjoy the social side of reading. Why not create a book club and talk it over at The Hive? Books are so emotionally provocative that many need a shared experience. The Hive’s beverages and social atmosphere create a perfect book club and reading atmosphere.
Enjoying a book is much easier when in the right location. Choosing a place on campus to enjoy a good book may seem daunting, but choose the place you are most comfortable in. When you find it, sit down, relax and take in the story.


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