Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red’s Doomed Failure?

Based on the generally mixed reception to Cyberpunk 2077 since its release, many argue that it had been doomed for a while. This fate of Cyberpunk could be due to several reasons, the most important of which I believe to be the promises made by the studio which caused very high expectations. Sadly, neither the promises nor expectations could be met.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG with a futuristic setting, developed by CD Projekt Red (CDPR), mainly taking place in the dystopian area of Night City. It has a well-constructed story (albeit not a huge degree of choice compared to their previous game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) with fun and exciting combat throughout. However, on the whole there is a lot that can disappoint.

Throughout the development cycle, CDPR made promises when showing off what they intended for the game. Many of these sounded amazing, but a lot seemed too good to be true and unlikely to fully come to fruition in the time they had. For example, pre-release footage suggested the civilians walking around the streets of Night City would be for more than just immersion. Instead, they would follow daily routines, and you would be able to have some form of relationship with many of them.

Evidently, in the final release of the game, these promises were not fulfilled and so many people’s expectations were not met. In comparison to what I mentioned, civilians clearly do not follow any daily routine in game and do not really react to your presence, unless you are violent towards them. As well as this broken promise, various other issues can be seen. There are countless amounts of glitches within the world (such as cars spawning in trees, or police officers not reacting if you kill one of them, just to name a couple of examples) which really break the immersion the game sets out to achieve. Other oversights include a skill that you can purchase when you level up, which makes you do greater damage when shooting whilst having someone as a body shield. Only issue with this is, you cannot shoot when doing this, so the skill renders useless.

This huge disparity between what we expected and what we received could partially be due to over ambition. A lot of development time was spent on trying to get the game to run well on Xbox One and PS4. Upon release however, the game runs poorly on these systems. The game had already been delayed twice prior to launch, and I believe that the management of CDPR were reluctant to delay it again, possibly due to wanting the game out in time for Christmas, as a lot of sales were bound to occur in the holiday season.

The reception of this game has been mixed, and very poor in places. Many people were able to claim refunds on the game, mainly on last-gen systems, as CDPR offered them to people (through the store they purchased it from or CDPR directly if this was unsuccessful) unhappy with their experience. Overall, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 cost CDPR founders over $1 billion.

This game’s launch seemed doomed due to its over ambition and promises. However, I believe if the developers had been allowed more time, the issues could have been ironed out, or at least made a lot better than they are in the game’s current state.

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May 2021
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