Cyberpunk 2077: What do we know so far?

What is quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated game of the year has been further delayed until December. Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest title from CD Projekt Red, the Polish studio behind The Witcher game franchise.

In the game, you explore Night City as an urban mercenary hunting a one-of-a-kind implant, which is the key to immortality. This futuristic megalopolis’ inhabitants are obsessed with glamour, body modification and power, and as such you will have to increase your Cool level to access certain content. 

Initially scheduled for release in April, September, and November, Cyberpunk 2077 is now finally scheduled to hit our shelves in December. 

In recent months, the developers treated us to a deeper dive into the game, with the latest release of the Night City Wire video series showing off the vast array of vehicles available in game.

Concrete got an exclusive insight into the gameplay at last yearís MCM Comic Con which looked incredibly slick and almost limitless, both in terms of the massive open world adventure and the ability to customise your character with Cyberware. When you start the game, you choose your characterís background from three options: Corpo, Street Kid, or Nomad. The origins affect your initiation into the game, but luckily donít affect the main adventure for your character after that.

As a Cyberpunk, you are equipped with Cybernetic Enhancements which enable Cyberware, giving you seemingly unlimited options for customisation as each body part has multiple upgrade options. These range from passive options like circulatory upgrades that improve your health and its regeneration, to more active upgrades that enable your character to double jump.

One of the most interesting developments so far has been the insistence from the developers that ‘it’s an RPG before it’s a shooter’. This means how you progress through the game is influenced heavily by the choices you make, something Iím sure many players will be pleased about. We have also seen extensive gunfight sequences, with what look to be smooth animations and responsive AI. 

As with most AAA titles, there are multiple versions of the game available to pre-order and purchase, from the standard edition, available as either digital or physical (currently £49.99 from Game and most other retailers), and the collectorís edition (currently exclusive to Game). The collector’s edition carries a hefty price tag of £249.99 but boasts a wealth of extras including: a 25cm statue depicting V (the game’s protagonist), embroidered patches, stickers, maps and postcards.

Having been in development since 2012 and being CD Projekt Red’s first title outside of the Witcher series, there are high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077. Any further world disasters aside, the game will (hopefully) be released on the 10th December 2020.


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