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Dark and disturbing songs: I Have A Special Plan For This World by Current 93

The word “disturbing” gets thrown around a lot to describe any slightly unnerving music, but Current 93’s experimental “I Have A Special Plan For This World” embodies the word. This genuinely frightening piece is a twenty-minute surrealist nightmare, wherein a disembodied narrator describes his ambiguous “special plan” to ambient drone music, interrupted by a series of groans and static, that builds until it is overwhelming. The narrator becomes the delusional voice in a “lunatic’s” head, and the listener is totally consumed by the horror of this unclear special plan that seems to be the final and only option for the narrator. Listening to these unanswered cries for help, one cannot help but feel swallowed and trapped, temporarily sharing in the narrator’s disturbing and “endless” misery.


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Alex Grenfell