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Daughter – live review

2013 is shaping up to be a big year for London-based three piece band Daughter, with their debut album If You Leave being released on 18 March and tours announced in both Europe and the US later this year.

They kicked off their UK tour at the Norwich Arts Centre, with support from Icelandic singer, Lay Low. It was clear to see why she was chosen to be the support act, as her soft tones and haunting lyrics complimented the sound of the night perfectly. Lay Low’s performance did the job of warming the audience up perfectly, especially as she engaged with them and encouraged a sing along during one of her songs, as well as performing one of her songs in Icelandic, providing something a little different but enjoyable to the evening.

When Daughter finally took to the stage it was clear how nervous they were, especially lead singer Elena Tonra – something which she later joked about on-stage. Despite this, they recreated their studio work to near perfection, opening with In the Shallows before moving onto their latest release, Run, which set the standard for the rest of the gig. The audience were also treated to two previously unheard songs – the second, Lifeforms being the definite better of the two. The song not only perfectly demonstrated Elena’s admirable vocal skills, but also showed off the talents of drummer Remi Aguilella, thoroughly impressing the audience and increasing anticipation for the album release in a few month’s time.

The band’s first single Smother, released in October 2012, was another memorable song of the night, as it showed how far the band has progressed since their formation in early 2011. The final song of the night, Home, was also played well and enjoyed by the audience, and Love was an unexpected highlight of the gig, particularly as it is one of the band’s lesser known songs. However, Youth was by far the best song of the night, with the otherwise static audience singing along. Guitarist Igor Haefeli repeatedly floored the audience with his guitar playing, and Elena’s mesmerizing voice is even better live.

Overall the gig was highly enjoyable, with the venue of the Norwich Arts Centre fitting the night perfectly. The old church contributed to the relaxed yet almost eerie atmosphere of Daughter’s music, and also lending amazing acoustics to the band’s already brilliant performance. The lack of an encore, however, left some fans disappointed at the end, and meant that the night didn’t end on as much of a high as it perhaps should have.

The night was slightly brought down by the apparent lack of interest from the audience, with many people talking during songs, but the gig was still impressive and nothing could take away from the skills of Elena, Igor and Remi, that were consistently shown throughout the evening.


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