David Cameron on the EU and Letterman

It goes without saying David Cameron is not, and never will be, like Boris Johnson. Therefore, understandably people may have been bemused by the idea of Cameron, seemingly buoyed on by the showing of his mayoral mate, being the first serving British PM ever to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman.

As Rule Britannia rang out on American Network TV, surely even his most trusted of Conservative aides and MPs must have wondered just what they had been thinking.

Did they want to try and improve Anglo-American relations? To perhaps go boldly where no member of the European Union has gone before and make new industrial ties with a global superpower while threatening to leave another? Surely not!

He may not have had the right opportunity offered to him by the king of US late night talk shows, and indeed his “rousing advertisement” for Britain soon became a test of Cameron’s knowledge – or, as some people refer to it, damage limitation. I suppose we can’t expect every PM to know his own country’s history. Well, at least he knew there was a place called Texas …

After what many considered an interesting interview, Cameron returned home to his comfort zone (if that is what you can call this coalition) – and made a statement regarding our future in the EU, saying that a referendum on a new European treaty is very possible.

Admittedly, I know little about European politics and treaties and all that, but even I don’t understand how it would be a good thing to leave our mainland neighbours, and go it alone.

Yes, I miss having French and Spanish stamps in passports, but we need to think this through more, we can’t go jumping out of a long-standing union because we don’t like one tiny clause of what is, in reality, a very unimportant issue for us today. Has George Osborne persuaded his boss the economy no longer exists?

The government needs to buck its ideas up and stop trying to force us out of the very successful EU (if not Eurozone) and into more trouble.

David Cameron on Letterman:


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