Dawn O’Porter’s So Lucky: a refreshing twist on regular chick lit

Although I’m usually averse to consuming any literature that could be described as “chick lit”, I had heard great things about Dawn O’Porter’s writing style. So, in search of some light-heartedness in a world that becomes darker by the day, I decided that I would give one of her books a try. So Lucky illustrates the story of three women (Beth, Lauren & Ruby) who all have issues with romantic relationships and their self-esteem.

Not expecting much, I assumed that my original thoughts would prevail as I found the characters immensely dislikeable at first, and the plot something that had been overdone. About halfway through, though, I grew to adore the characters and empathise with their struggles. This book also provided a far more feminist narrative than expected – the protagonists end up experiencing self-development phases, and it was enjoyable to consume a chick lit novel that didn’t end with characters falling in love as the main outcome.

The characters learn that whilst romance is wonderful, it’s not the only kind of love out there – which I believe is an immensely important message – and that there is as much value to be found in female friendships and career successes.


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October 2021
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