Democracy at risk from continued EU membership

While many dismiss anti-EU views as ‘blindly nationalistic’, there are serious concerns regarding continued EU membership. Influence of the European public on EU law realistically quite weak; legislation is proposed by the European Commission, an unelected body of twenty-eight chosen by the Heads of State of each EU member. The Commission does not answer to the public, and although the elected European Parliament can in theory remove the Commission, it has never done so – regardless of serious corruption allegations raised in the past.

In addition, US influence and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are being wholly disregarded by most of the in-camp. A legislatively linked Europe suits US economic interest – a single leader and currency is far easier to deal with. TTIP would allow US big business to permeate the NHS and undermine trade unionism. ‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement’ would also permit big business to take governments to court if profits are infringed upon. TTIP is being negotiated in secret, it is undemocratic and by remaining in the EU, the UK is willingly subjugating itself to it.


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