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Deputy Editorial: UEA SU – A comedy of errors

The news that UEA SU has purchased its new domain name from the former Soviet Union will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the ongoing comedy of errors taking place upstairs in union house. From Sombrero-gate (no, we haven’t forgotten) to the endless need for ever-safer spaces, the union seems to lurch from one PR catastrophe to the next. If there is some Stalin-esque figure in the middle of this spider-web, they must be a fairly inept tyrant.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that if the union were hoping to dispel the impression of themselves as mindlessly left-wing, they could have chosen better than to the model themselves on the home of the Soviet gulags and the fount of Marxist-Leninism. We can only assume it was accidental.

Talking of SU blunders, it’s nice to know we that aren’t the only university seemingly governed with out-of-touch incompetency. Kent University hit the headlines last week over the bizarre choice of two British-Pakistani celebrities as the faces of Black History Month. This moronic miscalculation saw the union widely trolled on social media – but legitimate mocking aside – the error was a serious one and you can read our coverage of the incident on page 4.

It’s no secret that UEA plans to expand significantly in the next few years. Alongside student dissatisfaction with classroom space, this week we covered the issues facing Norwich Nightline, a vital service, facing the threat of closure after being forced out of their offices. While it may not be as snappy as Clinton’s #hashtag pledge, we at Concrete are definitely “with” Nightline.

And whether you’re having a bio lecture in the music room, or a breakdown in the media office (our radiators are broken, and come Monday morning the editors may well be found frozen solid…) we hope you have a happy reading week!


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