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Deputy Editors’ Column: Things that go bump in the night

Whatever happened to Freshers’ Week? The endless LCR nights, bouncy castles on campus and welcome socials now seem like a distant memory, and they’ve been replaced with long days in the library, endless deadlines and a flu that just won’t go away .

The Autumn Semester has suddenly become very real, and it’s enough to scare the pants off anybody.

This week offers the opportunity for a little pick-me-up: an opportunity to dress up, carve some pumpkins and consume food and drink that are unnervingly fluorescent green. Hopefully you will find some inspiration in Concrete’s guide to Halloween on page 14.

Whether you’re dressing up and heading for a night on Prince of Wales Road, having some friendly drinks at your flat, or just fancy a little bit of trick or treating, there’s something for any and every kind of Halloween celebration.

We’re throwing our very own Halloween Party. The Media Collective  Paranormal Pre Party is at the Crypt on October 28th. A £6 ticket gets you entry to the Crypt, Propaganda and a free drink. Check out the SU website for ticket details!

However, it seems that the things that go bump in the night will not be restricted to Hallow’s Eve.

Following a spate of so-called ‘killer clown attacks’ across the UK, a UEA student was chased through Eaton Park by a ‘joker’ on her way home after a day of lectures. Reassuringly, somebody was later arrested for the incident, but the thought of our nightmares coming true is enough to send the shivers down the most unflappable of spines. You can read the full report of the “absolutely terrifying” ordeal on page 4.


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